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The FeederType represents a device that transports material in an uncontrolled or controlled way. In the second case, the Feeder acts as a dosing unit. A feeder transports the material to a defined destination. This can be directly a barrel zone, but also another feeder which collects materials from several feeders above.

readme_files/image006.gif Figure 2 – FeederType Overview

Table 3 – FeederType Definition

Attribute Value        
BrowseName FeederType        
IsAbstract False        
References Node Class BrowseName DataType TypeDefinition Other
Subtype of 3:DriveType defined in OPC 40083          
0:HasProperty Variable Id 0:String 0:PropertyType M, RO
0:HasProperty Variable Name 0:LocalizedText 0:PropertyType M, RO
0:HasProperty Variable IsPresent 0:Boolean 0:PropertyType M, RO
0:HasProperty Variable Target 0:String 0:PropertyType M, RO
0:HasProperty Variable IsControlled 0:Boolean 0:PropertyType O, RO
0:HasProperty Variable Mode FeedingModeEnumeration 0:PropertyType M, RO
0:HasComponent Object Throughput   3:MonitoredParameterType O, RO
0:HasComponent Object Hopper   HopperType O

8.7.1 Name ToC Previous Next

The Name Property gives the name of the feeder/dosing unit and is used as reference in the Target. Unique within the extruder

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