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Symbol Definition
AC Alarm and Condition
AKZ/OKZ Anlagenkennzeichen/Ortskennzeichen
AMx Asset Management use case number x
AR PROFINET Application Relationship
CR PROFINET Communication Relationship
DA-AR Device Access AR (Application Relationship)
DCS Distributed Control Systems
DIAx Diagnosis use case number x
EGW Edge Gateway
ES Engineering System of a PLC or IO controller
FB Function Block
IOAR Controller AR (Application Relationship)
IP Internet Protocol
I&M Identification and Maintenance
M Mandatory (Implementation required)
NoS Symbolic PROFINET DNS compatible station name of the IO device
O Optional (Implementation optional)
PDev Physical Device: Interface and Port Submodules
PLC Programmable Logical Controller
PNO Profibus Nutzerorganisation e.V..

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