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This chapter shows an example of the extensions to the base model which are needed to use the base model together with OPC UA DI.

The following figure shows as an example how the objects are referred by the standard DI entry points “DeviceSet” and “NetworkSet”.

B.1 OPC UA Object Types ToC Previous Next

To use the base information model together with OPC UA DI some object types are defined which implement the interfaces defined in the base information model.

The following figure illustrates the additional object types used to extend the base information model for the use with OPC UA DI.

B.1.1 PnDIDeviceType ToC Previous Next

Table 112 – PnDIDeviceType

Attribute Value        
BrowseName PnDIDeviceType        
IsAbstract False        
References Node Class BrowseName DataType TypeDefinition Modelling Rule
Subtype of DeviceType defined in [OPC 10000-100].          
HasInterface ObjectType     IPnDeviceType  
Applied from IPnDeviceType          
HasComponent Object Interfaces   PnInterfaceContainerType Mandatory
HasComponent Object Modules   PnRealModuleContainerType Optional
HasComponent Object Assets   PnAssetContainerType Optional
HasComponent Object IM   PnIdentificationType Optional
HasProperty Variable Vendor String PropertyType Optional
HasComponent Variable Diagnosis PnDeviceDiagnosis[] BaseDataVariableType Optional
HasComponent Object Alarms   FolderType Optional
HasComponent Method ShowLocation   ShowLocationMethod Optional
GeneratesEvent ObjectType PnDiagnosisAlarmType      
GeneratesEvent ObjectType PnAssetChangedEventType      
HasProperty Variable GSDDescription String PropertyType Optional
HasComponent Variable State PnDeviceStateEnumeration BaseDataVariableType Optional

Although mandatory, some of the properties inherited from DeviceType may not be supported. In this case Vendors shall provide an empty string for properties with DataType String, an empty text field for properties with DataType LocalizedText and -1 for the RevisionCounter property (see [OPC 10000-100] - DeviceType also).

The following PROFINET properties are equal to their counterparts of PnIdentificationType an shall have the same content:

BrowseName Method Source  
SoftwareRevision Read I&M0 IM_Software_Revision
HardwareRevision Read I&M0 IM_Hardware_Revision
SerialNumber Read I&M0 IM_Serial_Number
RevisionCounter Read I&M0 IM_Revision_Counter

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