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Table 70 shows further use cases, which are not NOA use cases.

Use Case Type Description
Device Commissioning Asset Management Connecting and binding Process Automation Devices to the automation system.
Device Replacement Asset Management Replacing a device on a running system.
KPI Monitoring Telemetric Monitoring the health of equipment and alerting when issues are identified e.g. valve operation, communication statistics, signal strength, etc.
Predictive Maintenance e.g. for valves, rotating equipment Telemetric Monitoring derived variables that indicate future required maintenance
Device Repair Asset Management Analyzing device failures and providing actionable information e.g. using device dashboards
Device Calibration Asset Management Periodic automated calibration, tracking calibration history
SIS Proof Testing Asset Management Safety Instrumented System (SIS) Tracking proof test intervals, valve stroke tests, verifying availability on demand
Batch Configuration Asset Management Downloading device configurations between batches
Connected Services Telemetric Exposing device information to remotely located experts for diagnostics and analysis
Device Dashboards Asset Management Providing overviews information, operator consoles remotely
Documenting Calibrators Asset Management Automatically calibrating devices, collecting calibration data
Regulatory audits Asset Management Verifying device versions and certifications
Remote Device Access Asset Management Commissioning and optimizing a device e.g. open the online root menu.