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The FlowMeasurementVariableType is a subtype of the AnalogSignalVariableType. It is formally defined in Table 29.

Table 29 - FlowMeasurementVariableType

Attribute Value
BrowseName FlowMeasurementVariableType
IsAbstract False
ValueRank −2 (−2 = ‘Any’)
DataType Float

Subtype of AnalogSignalVariableType

References NodeClass BrowseName DataType TypeDefinition Modelling Rule
0:HasProperty Variable LowFlowCutOff 0:Float 0:PropertyType 0:Mandatory
0:HasComponent Variable FlowDirection 0:UInt32 0:MultiStateDictionaryEntryDiscreteType 0:Optional
0:HasSubtype VariableType MassFlowRateVariableType      
0:HasSubtype VariableType ActualVolumeFlowRateVariableType      
0:HasSubtype VariableType NormalizedVolumeFlowRateVariableType      

This type defines flow and is formally defined within the subtypes.

LowFlowCutOff: ABJ724#002 defines value of flow cut-off in units of span.

FlowDirection: ABN594#002 defines configuration parameter of the value sign of the flow signal for forward flow. For mapping rules see 8.2.4.

Table 30 - FlowMeasurementVariableType Additional References

Source Path Reference Type Is Forward Target Path
LowFlowCutOff 0:HasDictionaryEntry 0:True 3:0112/2///61987#ABJ724#002
FlowDirection 0:HasDictionaryEntry 0:True 3:0112/2///61987#ABN594#002

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