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The AnalogSignalVariableType can be used to model any analog signal type. It extends the AnalogUnitRangeType defined in OPC 10000-8 to add additional information such as values for simulation and damping as well as dictionary references.

The ActualValue contains the unsimulated value during a simulation and SimulationValue contains the value to be used during simulation, as illustrated in Figure 10. The Value attribute always represents what is being reported by the Variable.

readme_files/image012.png Figure 10 - Simulation

AnalogSignalVariableType is formally defined in Table 24.

Attribute Value
BrowseName AnalogSignalVariableType
IsAbstract False
ValueRank −2 (−2 = ‘Any’)
DataType Number

Subtype of AnalogUnitRangeType defined in OPC 10000-8

References NodeClass BrowseName DataType TypeDefinition Modelling Rule
0:HasComponent Variable ActualValue 0:Number{Any} 0:BaseDataVariableType 0:Optional
0:HasComponent Variable SimulationValue 0:Number{Any} 0:BaseDataVariableType 0:Optional
0:HasComponent Variable SimulationState 0:Boolean 0:BaseDataVariableType 0:Optional
0:HasProperty Variable Damping 0:Float 0:PropertyType 0:Optional
0:HasDictionaryEntry Object 3:0112/2///61987#ABN634#001   0:IrdiDictionaryEntryType  
0:HasSubtype VariableType TemperatureMeasurementVariableType      
0:HasSubtype VariableType PressureMeasurementVariableType      
0:HasSubtype VariableType FlowMeasurementVariableType      
0:HasSubtype VariableType LevelMeasurementVariableType      
0:HasSubtype VariableType ActualDensityVariableType      
0:HasSubtype VariableType ControlVariableType      
0:HasSubtype VariableType TotalizerVariableType      
0:HasSubtype VariableType AnalyticalMeasurementVariableType      

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