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This chapter defines the corresponding ConformanceUnits for the OPC UA Information Model for Process Automation Devices (PA-DIM).

Category Title Description
Server PA-DIM Base Supports the base functionality defined in Process Automation Devices Information Model (PA-DIM). This includes the Base PADIMType including all mandatory Items.
Server PA-DIM Base Alarming Supports alarms to identify the causes for the HealthStatus of the Device.
Server PA-DIM Browsable Alarms Supports the DeviceHealthAlarms Folder, that may contain a collection of objects of DeviceHealthDiagnosticAlarmType or subtypes thereof (defined in OPC 10000-100).
Server PA-DIM SubDevices Provides support for the SubDevices ConfigurableObject.
Server PA-DIM IAdmin DisplayLanguage Supports the IAdministration DisplayLanguage.
Server PA-DIM IAdmin DateOfChange Supports the IAdministration DateOfLastChange.
Server PA-DIM IAdmin FactoryReset Supports the IAdministration FactoryReset method.
Server PA-DIM ISignal Supports the ISignalSet interface, including the SignalSet Object.
Server PA-DIM SignalSet Supports a collection of at least one variable that are subtypes of DataItemType defined in OPC 10000-8.
Server PA-DIM AutoAdjustPositioner method Supports the AutoAdjustPositioner method.
Server PA-DIM ZeroPointAdjustment method Supports the ZeroPointAdjustment method.
Server PA-DIM Analog Signal Supports AnalogSignalType. This includes the ZeroPointAdjustment Method and at least one variable.
Server PA-DIM Control Signal Supports ControlSignalType. This includes the AutoAdjustPositioner Method and at least one variable.
Server PA-DIM Two State Discrete Signal Supports TwoStateDiscreteSignalType. This includes at least one variable.
Server PA-DIM Multi State Discrete Signal Supports MultiStateDiscreteSignalType. This includes least one variable.
Server PA-DIM Discrete Signal Supports DiscreteSignalType. This includes at least one variable.
Server PA-DIM AnalogSignalVariableType Supports AnalogSignalVariableType.
Server PA-DIM AnalogSignalVariable Simulation Supports the ActualValue, SimulationValue and SimulationState for analog variable simulation.
Server PA-DIM AnalogSignalVariable Damping Supports Damping of AnalogSignalVariableType.
Server PA-DIM TemperatureMeasurementVariable Supports TemperatureMeasurementVariableType.
Server PA-DIM TemperatureMeasurementVariable Connection Supports SensorConnection of TemperatureMeasurementVariableType.
Server PA-DIM TemperatureMeasurementVariable Reference Supports SensorReference of TemperatureMeasurementVariableType.
Server PA-DIM FlowMeasurementVariable Supports FlowMeasurementVariableType.
Server PA-DIM MassFlowRateVariable Supports MassFlowRateVariableType.
Server PA-DIM ActualVolumeFlowRateVariable Supports ActualVolumeFlowRateVariableType.
Server PA-DIM NormalizedVolumeFlowRateVariable Supports NormalizedVolumeFlowRateVariableType.
Server PA-DIM FlowMeasurementVariable FlowDirection Supports FlowDirection of FlowMeasurementVariableType.
Server PA-DIM PressureMeasurementVariable Supports PressureMeasurementVariableType.
Server PA-DIM LevelMeasurementVariable Supports LevelMeasurementVariableType.
Server PA-DIM ActualDensityVariable Supports ActualDensityVariableType.
Server PA-DIM ControlVariable Supports ControlVariableType with Setpoint, OperatingDirection and ActuatorType.
Server PA-DIM TotalizerVariable Supports TotalizerVariableType with PulseValue and PulseWidth.
Server PA-DIM AnalyticalMeasurementVariable Supports AnalyticalMeasurementVariableType.
Server PA-DIM TwostateDiscreteVariable Supports TwoStateDiscreteSignalVariableType.
Server PA-DIM TwostateDiscreteVariable Simulation Supports the ActualValue, SimulationValue and SimulationState for two state discrete variable simulation.
Server PA-DIM MultistateDiscreteVariable Supports MultistateDiscreteSignalVariableType.
Server PA-DIM MultistateDiscreteVariable Simulation Supports the ActualValue, SimulationValue and SimulationState for multi state discrete variable simulation.
Server PA-DIM DiscreteVariable Supports DiscreteSignalVariableType.
Server PA-DIM DiscreteVariable Simulation Supports ActualValue, SimulationValue and SimulationState for discrete variable simulation.

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