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This specification provides building blocks for various use cases. Other specifications or vendor-specific information models can pick the building blocks for specific use cases they want to support.

5.1 Machine Identification and Nameplate ToC Previous Next

The user would like to uniquely identify machines, potentially across various OPC UA Servers or aggregating OPC UA Servers. The user wants to get standardized information about the machine, like manufacturer or serial number, and set user-specific information in order to simplify the usage of the machine.

That leads to the requirements:

  • A machine shall be globally uniquely identified (see section 8, ProductInstanceUri).
  • Information about the machine, like manufacturer or serial number, can be accessed (see section 8, IMachineVendorNameplateType).
  • Application-specific information about a machine can be set by an OPC UA Client (see section 8, IMachineTagNameplateType).

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