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This structure is used to pass an identification of the measurement to be carried out following a Start method call. It is typically included in the meta data for identifying a result.

In its basic version here, the JobIdDataType contains only a TrimmedString. It has been encapsulated in a structure for the purpose of easy sub-typing if more sophisticated identification is required.

A basic JobIdDataType structure is considered empty when the id member has length 0. For sub-types of JobIdDataType additional rules may apply, i.e. they shall always be considered empty, when the Id member has length 0, and may also be considered empty when other structure members fulfill particular conditions.

Table 143 – Definition of JobIdDataType

Name Type Description O / M
JobIdDataType structure    
id TrimmedString Id is a system-wide unique identifier/name for identifying the job carried out. Mandatory

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