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The HasCDTSupplemental is a concrete ReferenceType that can be used directly. It is a subtype of the HasProperty.

Table 83 – HasCDTSupplemental ReferenceType

Attributes Value    
BrowseName HasCDTSupplemental    
InverseName CDTSupplementalOf    
Symmetric False    
IsAbstract False    
References NodeClass BrowseName Comment
Subtype of HasProperty ReferenceType defined in OPC 10000-5      

This ReferenceType indicates an ownership of supplemental elements regarding CDT. It allows an ISA-95 aware client to easily detect the supplemental properties associated with dataType that may have been added to a particular instance of a variable. It is a subtype of HasProperty to allow generic client to still access the properties.

The SourceNode of this ReferenceType shall be a subtype of BaseDataType or BaseDataVariableType or one of its subtypes.

The TargetNode of this ReferenceType shall be a PropertyType or one of its subtypes.

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