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The user of an OPC UA Client can uniquely identify all connected IO-Link Masters by their serial number information and devices by vendor and device ID to recognize the status of the devices and facilitate the exchange. For each IO-Link Device and the IO-Link Master, the following data are provided for reading only:

  • IO-Link DeviceType Version (mandatory)
  • IO-Link Protocol Version (mandatory)
  • Vendor Name (mandatory)
  • Product Name (mandatory)
  • Product ID (mandatory)
  • Serial Number (mandatory)
  • Hardware Revision (optional)
  • Software Revision (optional)
  • Vendor Text (optional)
  • Product Text (optional)
  • Application Specific Tag (mandatory – see UC.005)
  • Function Tag (optional)
  • Location Tag (optional)
  • Implicit topology information (address of IO-Link Master and port number, where the IO-Link Device is connected to)

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