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This Profile supports the communication with IO-Link Masters and IO-Link Devices via OPC UA. It includes support for IO-Link Device Description file handling and includes all features of the “IO-Link Base Profile”.

This Profile builds upon the “Embedded 2017 UA Server Profile”. In comparison to the “Micro Embedded Device 2017 Server Profile” it adds for example support for Security Policies and the “Standard DataChange Subscription Server Facet”.

The content of the Profile if defined in Table 81.

Table 81 – IO-Link Advanced Profile

Conformance Unit Description Optional/
Handling of IO-Link Device Descriptions Supports Handling of IO-Link Device Descriptions - Supports all mandatory ObjectTypes that are connected with the IOLinkIODDDeviceType. M
Management of IO-Link Device Descriptions Supports standardized management of IODDs via OPC UA - The optional object IODDManagement with its containing objects and methods shall be mandatory. O
Embedded 2017 UA Server Profile
ComplexType 2017 Server Facet
IO-Link Base Profile (see 15.4.1) M  

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