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The AAS metamodel knows different ways of referencing which have to be specified in the “Keys” variable used in the AASReferenceType (6.3). The “Keys” Variable is of the data type AASKeyDataType which is a structure defined in Table 70. It indicates to which type of AAS element it is referring to (AASKeyElementDataType - Table 71), if the reference refers to a local or remote element (Local), the type of the identifier of the referred element and the identifier value. The IdType is of data type AASKeyTypeDataType (Table 72).

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The AASKeyDataType is defined in Table 70.

Table 70 – AASKeyDataType

Name Type Description
AASKeyDataType Structure This structure represents an AAS key.
         Type AASKeyElementsDataType Type of element which is referenced
         Local Boolean Indicates if target of reference is within own AAS (=true) or outside (=false)
         Value String Key to identify the target of reference
         IdType AASKeyTypeDataType Kind of identifier (Value)

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