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FindApplications is used to find the ApplicationId for an OPC UA Application known to the GDS. In normal situations the list of records returned will not have more than one entry, however, system configuration errors can create situations where the GDS has multiple entries for a single ApplicationUri. If this happens a human will likely have to look at records to determine which record is the true match for the ApplicationUri.

If the returned array is null or zero length then the GDS does not have an entry for the ApplicationUri.


[in]  String applicationUri
[out] ApplicationRecordDataType[] applications
Argument Description
applicationUri The ApplicationUri that identifies the Application of interest.
applications A list of application records that match the ApplicationUri.
The ApplicationRecordDataType is defined in 6.3.5.

Method Result Codes (defined in Call Service)

Result Code Description
Bad_UserAccessDenied The current user does not have the rights required.

Table 4 specifies the AddressSpace representation for the FindApplications Method.

Table 4 – FindApplications Method AddressSpace Definition

Attribute Value
BrowseName FindApplications
References NodeClass BrowseName DataType TypeDefinition ModellingRule
HasProperty Variable InputArguments Argument[] PropertyType Mandatory
HasProperty Variable OutputArguments Argument[] PropertyType Mandatory

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