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Table 94 describes the details of the Core Client Facet. This Facet defines the core functionality required for any Client. This Facet includes the core functions for Security and Session handling.

Table 94 – Core Client Facet

Group Conformance Unit / Profile Title Optional
Profile SecurityPolicy – Basic128Rsa15 False
Profile SecurityPolicy – None False
Profile User Token – User Name Password Client Facet False
Profile User Token – X509 Certificate Client Facet False
Base Information Base Info Client Estimated Return Time True
Security Security Administration False
Session   Services Session   Client   Base False
Session   Services Session   Client   Cancel True
Session   Services Session   Client   Detect Shutdown False
Session   Services Session   Client   General Service Behaviour False
Session   Services Session   Client   Impersonate True
Session   Services Session   Client   KeepAlive False
Session   Services Session   Client   Renew NodeIds True

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