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Table 91 describes the details of the Embedded 2017 UA Server Profile. This Profile is a FullFeatured Profile that is intended for devices with more than 50 MBs of memory and a more powerful processor. This Profile builds upon the Micro Embedded Device Server Profile. The most important additions are: support for security via the Security Policies and support for the Standard DataChange Subscription Server Facet. This Profile also requires that Servers expose all OPC-UA types that are used by the Server including their components and their super-types. This profile supersedes the “Embedded Device Server Profile”.

Table 91 – Embedded 2017 UA Server Profile

Group Conformance Unit / Profile Title Optional
Profile Micro Embedded Device 2017 Server Profile False
Profile Standard DataChange Subscription 2017 Server Facet False
Base Information Base Info Engineering Units True
Base Information Base Info Type System False
Security Security – No Application Authentication True
Security Security Default ApplicationInstance Certificate False
Security Security Policy Required False

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