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Table 163 describes the details of the Standard UA Client Profile. This Profile is a FullFeatured Profile that defines a minimum set of functionality required for generic OPC UA Clients. Such a Client shall be able to use local, subnet and global discovery. It shall be able to maintain a connection with a single Session (as required for nano embedded Servers). If Subscriptions are used, the Client shall respect the limits of Servers with limited resources. If a Server does not support Subscriptions, the Client shall provide read access as fallback. The Client must provide connection establishment through the OPC UA TCP binary protocol with and without security.

Table 163 – Standard UA Client Profile

Group Conformance Unit / Profile Title Optional
Profile AddressSpace   Lookup Client Facet False
Profile Attribute   Read Client Facet False
Profile Attribute   Write Client Facet False
Profile Base Client Behaviour Facet False
Profile Core Client Facet False
Profile DataChange Subscriber Client Facet False
Profile Discovery   Client   Facet False
Profile Entry Level Support 2015 Client Facet False
Profile Global Certificate Management Client Facet False
Profile Global Discovery Client Facet False
Profile Method   Client   Facet False
Profile SecurityPolicy [B] – Basic256Sha256 False
Profile SecurityPolicy – Basic256 False
Profile Subnet Discovery Client Facet False
Profile UA-TCP UA-SC UA-Binary False
Profile User Token – Anonymous Facet False

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