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readme_files/image017.png Figure B.7 – Example of a StateMachineType using inheritance

In Figure B.7 an example of a StateMachine is given using the Notation defined in OPC 10000-3. First, a new StateMachineType is defined, called “MyStateMachineType”, inheriting from the base FiniteStateMachineType. It contains two States, “State1” and “State2” and a Transition “Transition1” between them. The Transition points to a Method “MyMethod” as the Cause of the Transition and an EventType “EventType1” as the Effect of the Transition.

Instances of “MyStateMachineType” can be created, for example “MyStateMachine”. It has a Variable “CurrentState” representing the current State. The “MyStateMachine” Object only includes the Nodes which expose information specific to the instance.

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