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This standard Object is the browse entry point for Object Nodes. Figure 3 illustrates the structure beneath this Node. Only Organizes References are used to relate Objects to the “Objects” standard Object. A View Node can be used as entry point into a subset of the AddressSpace containing Objects and Variables and thus the “ObjectsObject can also reference View Nodes using Organizes References. The intent of the “ObjectsObject is that all Objects and Variables that are not used for type definitions or other organizational purposes (e.g. organizing the Views) are accessible through hierarchical References starting from this Node. However, this is not a requirement, because not all Servers may be able to support this. This Object references the standard Server Object defined in 8.3.2.

readme_files/image005.png Figure 3 – Objects Organization

The “ObjectsObject shall not reference any other NodeClasses. The “ObjectsObject is formally defined in Table 81.

Table 81 – Objects Definition

Attribute Value
BrowseName Objects
References NodeClass BrowseName Comment
HasTypeDefinition ObjectType FolderType Defined in 6.6
Organizes Object Server Defined in 8.3.2

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