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This data type is an enumeration of the possible operation modes of the ice machine. The enumeration values are defined in Table 71.

Table 71 — StatusEnumeration values

Value Description
INIT_0 Commissioning, started manually (switch on) or automatically (after cleaning)
WATER_PURGE_1 Existing water in the tray is flushed out and fresh water is filled for the next cycle
PRE_CHILL_2 Precooling of the evaporator for xx seconds during the initial commissioning
FREEZE_3 The water freezes on the evaporator to form ice
HARVEST_4 Ice is harvested
BIN_FULL_5 The state indicates that the ice container is full and that ice making has been stopped
CLEAN_6 Ice machine is running through the cleaning steps
OFF_7 Ice machine is switched off
SLEEP_MODE_8 Power failure detected, system clock continues to run
STANDBY_9 State after a temperature sensor error
SAFE_MODE_10 Continue with ice making following an error
WATER_OUTAGE_11 State with a lack of water
HPCO_DELAY_ACTIVE_12 Maintenance state when the overpressure switch is activated and no ice is made for xx minutes
CURTAIN_OPEN_13 Curtain was opened because there is an ice slab between the evaporator and the container.
PRODUCTION_TEST_14 Ice machine is in the function test mode (at the manufacturer)
SAFE_MODE_PRECHILL_15 Like the PRE_CHILL_2 state, but after a SAFE_MODE_10 state
SAFE_MODE_FREEZE_16 Like the FREEZE_3 state, but after a SAFE_MODE_10 state
SAFE_MODE_HARVEST_17 Like the HARVEST_4 state, but after a SAFE_MODE_10 state
SAFE_MODE_FULL_BIN_18 Like the BIN_FULL_5 state, but after a SAFE_MODE_10 state

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