OPC 10000-83: UAFX OfflineEngineering

Released 1.00.02


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1 Scope 2 Normative references 3 Terms, definitions, abbreviated terms, and conventions 3.1 Terms and definitions 3.1.1 AutomationML 3.1.2 AML Container 3.1.3 Common Services 3.1.4 Directed Acyclic Graph 3.1.5 Open Packaging Conventions 3.1.6 Pack URI 3.2 Abbreviated terms 4 Introduction 5 Descriptor fundamentals 5.1 Descriptor fundamentals overview 5.2 Descriptor organization 5.3 References in a Descriptor 5.4 OPC UA FX AML Information Model files 5.5 Digital signature fundamentals 6 Descriptor examples 6.1 Descriptor examples overview 6.2 Descriptor with product information 6.3 Descriptor with configuration information 6.4 Descriptor with product family information 6.5 Descriptor for modular AutomationComponents 7 Descriptor structure 7.1 Overview 7.2 File format 7.3 Descriptor and folder content 7.3.1 Overview 7.3.2 Descriptor manifest 7.3.3 Information Model files 7.3.4 Attachment files 7.3.5 Embedded Descriptors 7.3.6 Common Services files 7.4 Root AML Files 7.5 Descriptor References 7.5.1 Overview 7.5.2 Open Packaging Conventions Relationships 7.5.3 AutomationML ExternalDataReferences interfaces 7.5.4 AutomationML ExternalReference 7.6 Content Types 7.7 OpcAmlMetaModel and OPC UA FX AML Libraries 7.8 Descriptor digital signature 7.8.1 General 7.8.2 Certificate validation 8 Engineering tools 8.1 Engineering tools overview 8.2 Requirements for engineering tools 8.3 Engineering tool architecture 8.3.1 Descriptor Export 8.3.2 Descriptor Import 8.3.3 AML Container management 8.3.4 Certificate and signature management 8.3.5 Conversion to an internal model 8.3.6 Conversion to an OPC UA FX AML Information Model 8.4 Example workflow for sharing a Descriptor in OfflineEngineering 8.5 Version compatibility between engineering tools and Descriptors Annex A (normative) OPC UA Metamodel Mapping to AML for configuration A.1 Overview A.2 OpcAmlMetaModel libraries A.2.1 OpcAmlMetaModel libraries Overview A.2.2 RCL_OpcAmlMetaModel library A.2.3 ATL_OpcAmlMetaModel library A.2.4 SUC_OpcAmlMetaModel library A.3 DataType mapping A.3.1 DataType mapping overview A.3.2 Built-in Types A.3.3 Structures A.3.4 Arrays A.3.5 Enumerations A.3.6 OptionSets and Bit masks A.3.7 DataTypes with special mappings A.4 NodeClass mapping A.5 ObjectType mapping A.6 VariableType mapping A.7 ReferenceType mapping A.8 InterfaceType mapping A.9 Instance mapping A.10 Limitations on AML to OPC UA conversion A.11 Modelling guidelines Annex B (normative) AML libraries for OPC UA configuration B.1 UA Library B.1.1 UA library overview B.1.2 UA RoleClass Library B.1.3 UA InterfaceClass Library B.1.4 UA AttributeType Library B.1.5 UA SystemUnitClass Library Annex C (normative)AML Libraries for OPC UA DI Configuration C.1 DI Library C.1.1 DI Library Overview C.1.2 DI RoleClass Library C.1.3 DI InterfaceClass Library C.1.4 DI AttributeType Library C.1.5 DI SystemUnitClass Library Annex D (normative)AML Libraries for OPC UA FX configuration D.1 OPC UA FX Library D.1.1 OPC UA FX Library Overview D.1.2 OPC UA FX RoleClass Library D.1.3 OPC UA FX InterfaceClass Libraries D.1.4 OPC UA FX AttributeType Libraries Annex E (normative)AML Libraries for OPC UA Safety E.1 UA Safety Library E.1.1 UA Safety Library Overview E.2 Safety RoleClass Library E.3 Safety InterfaceClass Library E.4 Safety AttributeType Library E.5 Safety SystemUnitClass Library Annex F (informative) F.1 AutomationComponent modelling F.2 AutomationComponent modelling F.2.1 AutomationComponent modelling example F.2.2 Instantiation of the AutomationComponentType F.2.3 Creation of the Asset structure F.2.4 Creation of the FunctionalEntity structure F.2.5 Creation of the Data Sets F.2.6 Usage of the Descriptor in subsequent engineering Annex G (informative) Open Packaging Conventions G.1 Overview G.2 Parts G.3 Relationships G.3.1 Package Relationships G.4 Open Package Convention Additional features G.4.1 Core Properties G.4.2 Thumbnails G.4.3 Digital Signatures for Open Packaging Conventions Annex H (Informative) AutomationML H.1 General AutomationML modelling concepts H.2 Basic AutomationML/CAEX language concepts Annex I (informative) Example Digital Signature I.1 Example of Digital Signature with separate certificate I.2 Example of Digital Signature with embedded certificate I.3 Example of 2nd Digital Signature with embedded certificate Annex J (normative) DescriptorInfo XML Schema Annex K (normative) OpcUaLibInfo Schema Annex L (Informative) Certificate Enrollment L.1 Certificate Enrollment Protocols L.2 Remote Signing