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The following table specify the facets available for Clients that implement the TMC Information Model companion standard.

Table 79 – TMC Client Facet Definition

Conformance Unit Description Optional/
TMC Essential Essential client features. See chapter 6.15.2 for more information. M
TMC Advanced Advanced client features. See chapter 6.15.2 for more information. O
Standard UA Client Profile M  
Base Client Behaviour Facet M  
Request State Change Client Facet M  
File Access Client Facet M  
Documentation Client Facet O  
Durable Subscription Client Facet O  
Data Access Client Facet M  
Notifier and Source Hierarchy Client Facet M  
Method Client Facet M  
Base Event Processing Client Facet M  
Historical Access Client Facet M  
HIstorical Data AtTime Client Facet M  
Historical Structured Data Access Client Facet O  
Base Historical Events Client Facet M  
Security Policy [B] - –asic256SHA256 M  
Security User Access Control Full M  
Security Time Synch - –TP/OS based support M  
Best Practice - –ime Outs M  

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