OPC 30060: Tobacco Machinery

Released 1.00 (Replaced by 2.00.1)


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1 Scope 2 Reference documents 3 Terms, definitions, and conventions 3.1 Use of terms 3.2 OPC UA for TMC Information Model terms 3.2.1 Glossary 3.3 Abbreviations and symbols 3.4 Conventions used in this document 3.4.1 Conventions for Node descriptions 3.4.2 NodeIds and BrowseNames NodeIds BrowseNames 3.4.3 Common Attributes General Objects Variables VariableTypes 4 General information to Tobacco Machine Communication and OPC UA 4.1.1 Introduction to Tobacco Machine Communication 4.1.2 Introduction to OPC Unified Architecture General Graphical Notation 5 Tobacco Machine Communication Model Overview 5.1 Modeling concepts 5.2 Model Overview 6 OPC UA ObjectTypes 6.1 MachineModuleType 6.1.1 General 6.1.2 ObjectType definition 6.1.3 Properties included in DeviceType Manufacturer Model RevisionCounter Serial 6.1.4 Additional Objects of the MachineModuleType Object LiveStatus Object Production Object SetUp Object Configuration Object Specification Object PastSpecificationRecords Object UIInfo Object <DefectDetectionSensors> Object <MaterialRejectionTraps> Object <MaterialLoadingPoints> Object <MaterialOutputs> 6.2 MachineModuleLiveStatusType 6.2.1 General 6.2.2 ObjectType definition 6.2.3 ObjectType Description Variable ControlMode Variable IdleEnergySavingMode Variable State Method SendCommand Method SetControlMode Method SetIdleEnergySavingMode 6.3 MachineModuleConfigurationType 6.3.1 General 6.3.2 ObjectType definition 6.3.3 ObjectType Description Variable UserMachineName Variable LocationName Variable DataSetList Variable StopReasonList Variable RootCauseList Variable RootCauseGroupList Variable LongestMicroStopDuration Variable LastChangeDate Variable RootCauseListInputIsMandatory Method GetDatasetList Method GetRootCauseList Method GetStopReasonList Method GetRootCauseGroupList Method SetRootCauseLists 6.4 MachineModuleSpecificationType 6.4.1 General 6.4.2 ObjectType definition 6.4.3 ObjectType Description Object DocumentationRep Variable MaterialLoadingPoints Variable MaterialStorageBuffers Variable TotalRunningHours Variable ValidSince Method LoadMachineModuleDocumentation Method SetNewSpecification 6.5 MachineModuleHistoricalRecordType 6.5.1 General 6.5.2 ObjectType definition 6.5.3 ObjectType Description Object MachineModuleSpecification Variable ValidUntil 6.6 MachineModuleProductionType 6.6.1 General 6.6.2 ObjectType definition 6.6.3 ObjectType Description Variable ProductionOrder Variable ProductionStatus Method StartProductionOrder Method StopProductionOrder 6.7 MachineModuleSetupType 6.7.1 General 6.7.2 ObjectType definition 6.7.3 ObjectType Description Variable DataSet Object MachanicalAdjustments Method ValidateDataSet Method LoadDataSet Method SelectiveLoadDataSet 6.8 MaterialLoadingPointType 6.8.1 General 6.8.2 ObjectType definition 6.8.3 ObjectType Description 6.8.4 Properties included in DeviceType Manufacturer Model RevisionCounter Serial 6.8.5 Additional Objects of the MaterialLoadingPointType Variable LoadingPoint Variable MaterialIntegrityAgent Variable ExpectedMaterial Variable TotalLoadedLot Variable ActualConsumptionRate Variable NominalConsumptionRate Variable UpstreamHold Object UIInfo Method MaterialIntegrityCheck Method UnloadMaterials 6.9 MaterialStorageBufferType 6.9.1 General 6.9.2 ObjectType definition 6.9.3 Properties included in DeviceType Manufacturer Model RevisionCounter Serial 6.9.4 Additional Objects of the MaterialStorageBufferType Variable ID Variable MES_ID Variable NonMixing Variable TotalStorageCapacity Variable StorageLogic Variable LoadingRate Variable StoredLot Variable UnloadingRate Object UIInfo 6.10 MaterialRejectionTrapType 6.10.1 General 6.10.2 ObjectType definition 6.10.3 Properties included in DeviceType Manufactu Model RevisionCounter Serial 6.10.4 Additional Objects of the MaterialRejectionTrapType Variable Description Variable DisplayName Variable MaterialRejectedRatio Variable MaterialQuantityRejectedTotal Variable MaterialQuantityRejectedMasterTotal Variable RejectionCountTotal Variable RejectionCountMasterTotal Variable RejectionMode Variable RejectionRatio Object UIInfo Method ResetRejectionTotals Method SetRejectionMode 6.11 DefectDetectionSensorType 6.11.1 General 6.11.2 ObjectType Definition 6.11.3 Properties included in DeviceType Manufacturer Model RevisionCounter Serial 6.11.4 Additional Objects of the DefectDetectionSensorType Variable Description Variable DetectionCountTotal Variable DetectionCountMasterTotal Variable DetectionMode Variable DisplayName Variable SensorValue Object UIInfo Method LoadReferenceImages Method ResetDetectionCountTotal Method SetDetectionMode 6.12 MaterialOutputType 6.12.1 General 6.12.2 ObjectType Definition 6.12.3 Properties included in DeviceType Manufacturer Model RevisionCounter Serial 6.12.4 Additional Objects of the MaterialOutputType Variable UnloadPoint Variable DownstreamHeld Variable OutputRate Variable TotalOutput Variable MasterTotalOutput Object UIInfo Method ResetTotal 6.13 ControlsHWType 6.13.1 General 6.13.2 ObjectType Definition 6.13.3 Properties included in DeviceType Manufacturer Model RevisionCounter Serial 6.13.4 Additional Objects of the ControlsHWType Variable IOImageIsSupported Variable LiveStreamIsSupported Variable RemoteConnectionIsSupported Variable ScreenshotIsSupported Variable SystemDumpIsSupported Variable IOImage Method GetIOImage Method GetLiveStream Method GetRemoteConnection Method GetScreenshot Method GetSupportedFeatures Method GetSystemDump 6.14 ControlsSWType 6.14.1 General 6.14.2 ObjectType Definition 6.14.3 Properties included in DeviceType Manufacturer Model RevisionCounter Serial 6.14.4 Additional Objects of the ControlsSWType Variable InstallSoftwarePackageRemotelyIsSupported Variable SoftwarePackageRepositoryIsSupported Method InstallSoftwarePackageRemotely Method GetSupportedFeatures Method TransferSoftwarePackageFromRepository Method TransferSoftwarePackageToRepository 6.15 TMCServerType 6.15.1 General 6.15.2 ObjectType Definition 6.15.3 ObjectType Description Variable AggregatedServers Variable Aggregating Method GetTMCImplementedLevel Method SetServerTime 6.16 UIInformationType 6.16.1 General 6.16.2 ObjectType Definition 6.16.3 ObjectType Description Variable PositionX Variable PositionY Variable Width Variable Resizable Object UIResources 6.17 UserInterfaceType 6.17.1 General 6.17.2 ObjectType Definition 6.17.3 ObjectType Description Variable ControlPanelVURO Variable ControlPanelVURW Variable KPIVU Variable LoopVUReferences Variable OverVU Variable ZoomedVU 6.18 ProcessItemType 6.18.1 General 6.18.2 ObjectType Definition 6.18.3 Objects and Properties of the ProcessItemType Variable DisplayFormat Variable EffectivePrecision Variable HH Variable H Variable L Variable LL Variable AnalogMeasurement Variable EngineeringUnits Object UIInfo 6.19 LogbookEvent 6.19.1 LogbookEvent Definition 6.19.2 ControlModeChangeLogType 6.19.3 DataSetChangeLogType 6.19.4 DefectDetectedLogType 6.19.5 DefectDetectionSensorDisabledLogType 6.19.6 DowntimeLogType 6.19.7 GoodOutputProducedLogType 6.19.8 LoadingPointIsUnloadedLogType 6.19.9 MachineModuleSpecificationChangeLogType 6.19.10 MaterialIsConsumedLogType 6.19.11 MaterialRejectedLogType 6.19.12 MaterialRejectionTrapDisabledLogType 6.19.13 MaterialUnloadingIsRequiredLogType 6.19.14 NewSystemDumpIsGeneratedLogType 6.19.15 POChangeLogType 6.19.16 RootCauseListChangeLogType 6.19.17 RootCauseGroupListChangeLogType 6.19.18 StateChangeLogType 6.19.19 StopReasonListChangeLogType 6.19.20 IntegrityRejectedMaterialLogType 6.19.21 NewPresentedMaterialLogType 6.19.22 ProductionLogType 7 OPC UA Reference Types 7.1 General 7.2 FlowsTo Reference Type 7.3 IsControlledBy Reference Type 7.4 IsInstalledOn Reference Type 7.5 Precedes Reference Type 7.6 TriggersRejection Reference Type 7.7 ConnectsTo Reference Type 7.8 HasUIShapeSelector ReferenceType 7.9 IsDisplayedBy ReferenceType 8 OPC UA VariableTypes 8.1 MaterialQuantityType 8.1.1 General 8.1.2 VariableType Definition 8.1.3 Properties included in DataItemType ValuePrecision 8.1.4 Additional Objects of the MaterialQuantityType Variable DisplayFormat Variable EngineeringUnits 8.2 MaterialQuantitiesType 8.2.1 General 8.2.2 VariableType Definition 8.2.3 Properties included in MaterialQuantityType 8.2.4 Additional Objects of the MaterialQuantitiesType Variable QuantityInLUoM 8.3 MaterialLotType 8.3.1 General 8.3.2 VariableType Definition 8.3.3 Properties included in MaterialQuantitiesType 8.3.4 Additional Objects of the MaterialLotType Variable Material 8.4 MaterialRateType 8.4.1 General 8.4.2 VariableType Definition 8.4.3 Properties included in MaterialQuantitiesType 9 Profiles and Namespaces 9.1 Namespace Metadata 9.2 OPC UA Conformance Units and Profiles 9.2.1 Server Facets 9.2.2 Client Facets 9.3 Handling of OPC UA namespaces Annex A (normative): TMC Namespace and Mappings A.1 Namespace and identifiers for TMC Information Model A.2 Profile URIs for TMC Information Model