OPC 30100: OPC Unified Architecture


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Table of Contents

1 Scope

2 Reference documents

3 Terms, definitions, and abbreviations
    3.1 Use of terms
    3.2 Terms and definitions
    3.3 OPC UA for Sercos Information model terms
        3.3.1 Sercos Profile
        3.3.2 Sercos Device
        3.3.3 Sercos Function Group
        3.3.4 Sercos Class
        3.3.5 Sercos Parameter (32-Bit IDN)
        3.3.6 Sercos Profile Description Markup Language (SPDML)
    3.4 Abbreviations and symbols

4 Fundamentals
    4.1 Introduction to Sercos
    4.2 OPC UA
    4.3 Conventions used in this document
        4.3.1 Conventions for Node descriptions
        4.3.2 NodeIds and BrowseNames
        4.3.3 Data types and lengths transformation between Sercos and OPC UA

5 Sercos Information Model
    5.1 General
    5.2 SercosProfileType, SercosClassType and SercosFunctionGroupType
    5.3 SercosDeviceType
    5.4 DeviceSet Entry Point
    5.5 SercosParameterType
        5.5.1 Sercos Parameter Names
        5.5.2 Sercos Procedure Commands

6 Response code mapping

7 Profiles and Namespaces
    7.1 Namespace Metadata
    7.2 OPC UA Conformance Units and Profiles
    7.3 Handling of OPC UA namespaces

Annex A (normative): Sercos Namespace and Mappings
    A.1 Namespace and identifiers for Sercos Information Model
    A.2 Profile URIs for AutoID Information Model

Annex B (informative): Mapping example