The brown knight piece is an own object (extended with the SpatialObjectType Addin) placed on field D7 (Figure 16), is positioned to the coordinate system of field D7 (red coordinate system) by a rotation of angle C counterclockwise in its position frame. (green coordinate system on field C7).

The head of the brown knight piece can be defined as own attach-point, of the figure because this might be a position to pick up this object.

An alternative frame for describing the position of the brown knight provides the knight´s position additionally related to the chess board position (PosToBoard based on the green coordinate system spanned up by the chess board´s PositionFrame).

For this example, the Properties of the PositionFrame of the brown knight are defined as:

  • ConstantBase = False, because when the knight is moved to another field the Base may change to the new field.
  • Constant = False, because the position and orientation relative to any Base will most likely change with every move.

image023.png image024.png


Figure 16 – Figures on the chessboard and their respective modelling with RSL