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This two Variables are used to specify the type of connected external temperature sensor and the used communication protocol between the sensor and the control system of the HRD.

The TypeDefinition for both Variables is MultiStateValueDiscreteType, so the Properties EnumValues and ValueAsText shall be filled with the supported values out of Table 15 and

Table 16.

Table 15 – Values for ThermocoupleType

EnumValue ValueAsText Description
0 OTHER Other sensor type
1 E Type E sensor: NiCr-CuNi
2 J Type J sensor: Fe-CuNi
3 K Type K sensor: NiCr-Ni
4 N Type N sensor: NiCrSi-NiSi
5 T Type T sensor: Cu-CuNi
6 PT100 Pt 100-Sensor
7 L Type L sensor: Fe-CuNi

Table 16 – Values for CommunicationProtocolType

EnumValue ValueAsText Description
0 OTHER Other connection type
1 LOCAL Communication integrated in the local control system (local input)
2 PROFIBUS Values via Profibus
3 OPC_UA Values via OPC UA
4 I2C Values via I2C
5 CAN Values via CAN

Which sensor types and protocols and combinations are supported is device dependent. Especially when the CommunicationProtocolType has the value 1 (LOCAL), the ThermocoupleType could be set to a fixed value by the HRD. A server can provide manufacturer specific values with EnumValues ≥ 100.

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