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These parameters are used to define limits for the monitored parameter. Exceeding the (relative) tolerance values creates a warning while exceeding the (absolute) Min/MaxValues leads to an alarm from type MonitoredParameterAlarmType and/or perhaps other actions on the machine (e.g. switching off the heating, stopping of movements) as defined by the severity level. With UpperTolerance2 and LowerTolerance2 a second tolerance band can be defined.

NOTE: When UpperTolerance and/or LowerTolerance are used, the SetValue shall be also given.

NOTE: When UpperTolerance2 and/or LowerTolerance2 are used, UpperTolerance and/or LowerTolerance shall be also given. UpperTolerance2 shall be between UpperTolerance and MaxValue. LowerTolerance2 shall be between LowerTolerance and MinValue.

readme_files/image023.png Figure 18 – Values in MonitoredParameterType (here only one tolerance band is shown)

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