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For the GenerateOptions in the Method GenerateFileForWrite the DataType ProductionDatasetWriteOptionsType as defined below shall be used.

Table 117 – ProductionDatasetWriteOptionsType Definition

Name Type Description
ProductionDatasetWriteOptionsType structure Subtype of 0:Structure as defined in OPC UA 10000-3
   Storage StorageEnumeration Indication where the production dataset is written to. Enumeration of Type StorageEnumeration.
   Name 0:String Name of the production dataset that should be transferred from the client to the server.
   Components 0:UInt16[] Array which indicates which parts of the production dataset shall be activated in the machine control after writing. Only valid if Storage is PRODUCTION_1 or PREPARATION_2.

Array of UInt16. See possible values in Table 115.

If Components has the array length 0 then complete production dataset is activated.

Table 118 – StorageEnumeration Definition

Name Value Description
PRODUCTION 1 The production dataset is written directly to the (active layer of the) control system of the machine.
PREPARATION 2 The production dataset is written to the preparation layer of the control system of the machine (if supported).
FILE_SYSTEM 4 The production dataset is written to the file system of the machine for later activation.

This Enumeration is defined as a Mask. With this, writing to several destinations with one Method call is possible (e.g. StorageEnumeration = 6 writes the production dataset to the file system and the preparation layer of the control system.

NOTE: It is possible that the machine does not support all storage options (e.g. only writing to file system allowed). In this case, the server will return the StatusCode Bad_InvalidArgument when calling the GenerateFileForWrite Method with a not supported value for Storage.

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