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The CycleQuality Property gives information on the quality of the whole cycle. The CycleQualityEnumeration is defined in Table 96.

Table 96 – CycleQualityEnumeration Definition

Name Value Description
GOOD_CYCLE 0 The machine has detected no failures during the cycle and the part quality (for all cavities) is assumed as good.
BAD_CYCLE 1 The quality of the part(s) is assumed as bad.
If the machine is able to evaluate the cycle quality of each cavity, detailed information can be given in the CavityCycleQuality Property. Nevertheless, already a bad part in only one cavity leads to a BAD_CYCLE value for the CycleQuality.
TEST_SAMPLE_CYCLE 2 A cycle is separated as a test sample. Triggered by operator or MES.
FAILED_CYCLE 3 The machine has detected failures during the cycle and the part quality is assumed as bad. Further information is provided by the MessageCondition fired in this case.

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