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The StandstillReasons Property represents an array with a list of the standstill reasons from which one is selected by the operator in the case of a standstill. The used StandstillReasonType is defined in Table 36.

Table 36 – StandstillReasonType Definition

Name Type Description
StandstillReasonType structure Subtype of 0:Structure as defined in OPC UA 10000-3
   Id 0:String Id of the standstill reason
   Text 0:LocalizedText Text of the standstill reason
   LockedByMES 0:Boolean LockedByMES   means that this StandstillReason has been set or modified by the MES and so this may not be changed by the machine.

StandstillReasons shall support at least 10 entries.

The MES shall be prepared, that the list includes standstill reasons not defined by the MES (e.g. added by the operator on the machine). The user of the interface shall ensure unique Ids among all standstill reasons. To ensure consistent statistics, a change of the meaning of already assigned standstill reasons should be avoided.

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