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Production status of the machine.

The fields of the ProductionStatusEnumeration DataType are defined in the following table:

Name Value Description
OTHER 0 This state is used if none of the other states below apply.
NO_PRODUCTION 1 The machine does not produce any parts/products.
START_UP 2 The machine is producing parts/products in the start-up phase. So the correct settings of the machines are not reached.
READY_FOR_PRODUCTION 3 The machine is producing parts/products, the correct settings of the machines are reached but the production is not yet released (e.g. waiting for release from quality assurance).
PRODUCTION 4 The machine is producing parts/products.
In semi-automatic mode also during waiting time (e.g. for manual loading/unloading of parts) ProductionStatus remains in this state (time out possible if e.g. cycle time exceeds a pre-defined limit).    
DRY_RUN 5 The machine is moving without material.

The representation of the ProductionStatusEnumeration DataType in the address space is shown in the following table:

Name Attribute
NodeId ns=1;i=3016
BrowseName ProductionStatusEnumeration
IsAbstract False
SubtypeOf Enumeration

The references from the ProductionStatusEnumeration DataType Node are shown in the following table:

Reference NodeClass BrowseName DataType TypeDefinition ModellingRule
HasProperty Variable EnumValues EnumValueType[] PropertyType Mandatory