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The recommended state display names for the LocaleId “fr” are listed in Table B.3

Table B.3 - Recommended display names for LocaleId “fr”

StateMachine Browse Name display name
PackMLBaseStateMachineType Cleared Nettoyé
  Aborting Annulation
  Aborted Annulé
PackMLMachineStateMachineType Run En fonction
  Clearing Nettoyage
  Stopping En cours d’arrêt
  Stopped Arrêté
PackMLExecuteStateMachineType Resetting Réinitialisation
  Idle Suspendu
  Starting Démarrage
  Unsuspending Repris
  Suspended Suspendu
  Suspending Suspendu (ing)
  Execute Execute
  Holding Tenu (ing)
  Held Tenu
  Unholding Libéré
  Completing Achevé (ing)
  Complete Achevé

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