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The ProductionMaintenanceModeEnum describes the predefined modes. This is a default mode enumeration. A Server may define additional enumeration that describe the modes they support, but any such enumeration must include “Produce” as enumeration 1 and if Maintenance or Manual are include, they must be 2 and 3 respectively. Any additional mode must start at 4 or greater. If vendor specific or end user specific mode enumerations are included they shall be defined as a subtype of enumeration. The ProductionMaintenanceModeEnum is the default enumeration that shall be used if no vendor or end user mode enumeration is defined. The ProductionMaintenanceModeEnum is defined in Table 14.

Table 14 – ProductionMaintenanceModeEnum values

Value Description
Invalid_0 This is an invalid mode
Produce_1 Machine is in production mode
Maintenance_2 Machine is in maintenance mode
Manual_3 Machine is in manual mode

where the following definition apply:

  • Produce corresponds to the PackML Production Mode which is routine production.
  • Maintenance corresponds to the PackML Maintenance Mode which is the ability to run a machine independent of other machine in a production line.
  • Manual corresponds to the PackML Manual Mode which provides direct control of the individual machine elements.

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