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1 Scope 2 Normative references 3 Terms, abbreviated terms and conventions 3.1 Overview 3.2 OPC UA for PROFINET GSD Generic Model terms 3.2.1 General Station Description (GSD) 3.2.2 GSDML 3.2.3 Output Data 3.2.4 Input Data 3.2.5 IO Data 3.2.6 IO Channel 3.2.7 Alarm 3.2.8 Parameter 3.2.9 Base Mode Parameter (BMP) Access 3.2.10 Data Object 3.2.11 Device 3.2.12 Controller 3.2.13 PN Submodule 3.2.14 Application Relation (AR) 3.2.15 NameOfStation 3.3 Abbreviated terms 3.4 Conventions used in this document 3.4.1 Conventions for Node descriptions Node definitions Additional References Additional sub-components Additional Attribute values 3.4.2 NodeIds and BrowseNames NodeIds BrowseNames 3.4.3 Common Attributes General Objects Variables VariableTypes Methods 3.4.4 Structures 4 General information to PROFINET GSD Generic Model and OPC UA 4.1 Introduction to PROFINET GSD Generic Model 4.2 Introduction to OPC Unified Architecture 4.2.1 What is OPC UA? 4.2.2 Basics of OPC UA 4.2.3 Information modelling in OPC UA Concepts Namespaces Companion Specifications 5 Use cases 6 PROFINET GSD Generic Model Information Model overview 6.1 Information Model Creation 6.2 Application Object 6.3 IO Data 6.4 IO Channel 6.5 IO Data Qualifier and StatusCode Relationship 6.6 Parameters 6.7 Data Objects 6.7.1 BMPs with assigned text array 6.8 Data Object Qualifier and StatusCode Relationship 6.9 Function Groups 6.10 Alarms 6.11 Security 7 OPC UA ObjectTypes 7.1 GsdGenSubmoduleApplicationType SetApplicationTag Method 7.2 GsdGenIoDataType 7.3 GsdGenIoChannelType 7.4 GsdGenIoChannelDataType 7.5 GsdGenIoChannelQualityType 8 OPC UA EventTypes 8.1 GsdGenAlarmEventType 9 OPC UA VariableTypes 9.1 GsdGenIoDataItemVariableType 9.2 GsdGenIoBitDataItemVariableType 9.3 GsdGenParameterVariableType 10 OPC UA DataTypes 10.1 GsdGenIoTimeDataType 10.2 GsdGenIoTimeStampDataType 10.3 GsdGenIoConsistencyEnumeration 10.4 GsdGenIoCommunicationStatusEnumeration 10.5 GsdGenIoConfigurationStatusEnumeration 10.6 GsdGenIoQualityFormatEnumeration 10.7 GsdGenChannelAccumulativeEnumeration 10.8 GsdGenChannelMaintenanceEnumeration 10.9 GsdGenChannelSpecifierEnumeration 10.10 GsdGenChannelDirectionEnumeration 11 Profiles and Conformance Units 11.1 Conformance Units 11.2 Profiles 11.2.1 Profile list 11.2.2 Server Facets Overview PNGSDGM Base Server Profile PNGSDGM Advanced Server Profile PNGSDGM Extended Server Profile 11.2.3 Client Facets 12 Namespaces 12.1 Namespace Metadata 12.2 Handling of OPC UA Namespaces Annex A (normative) PROFINET GSD Generic Model Namespace and mappings A.1 NodeSet and Supplementary Files for PROFINET GSD Generic Model Information Model Annex B (normative)Data Type Mappings B.1 GSDML data types mapping to OPC UA data types B.2 BMP data type mapping to OPC UA data types. Annex C (normative)GSDML RecordMeta and RefMeta Elements Usage C.1 RefMeta child elements C.2 RecordMeta child elements Annex D (normative)OPC UA Data Objects D.1 Data Object attributes Annex E (informative)Samples E.1 GSDML sample for Data Object specification