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Part 2: Hydraulic Excavator

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Table of Contents

1 Scope

2 Normative references

3 Terms, definitions and conventions
    3.1 Overview
    3.2 Conventions used in this document

4 General information to OPC 40562-2: Hydraulic Excavator
    4.1 Introduction to the OPC UA Companion Specification Mining
    4.2 Introduction to the Hydraulic Excavator Machine

5 Use Cases and Scope of Information Exchange

6 OPC UA ObjectTypes
    6.1 HydraulicExcavator ObjectType Definition
        6.1.1 Overview
        6.1.2 ObjectType Definition
        6.1.3 ObjectType Description

7 Profiles and Conformance Units
    7.1 Profiles
        7.1.1 Profile list
        7.1.2 Server Facets
   Hydraulic Excavator Base Server Profile
        7.1.3 Client Facets
   Hydraulic Excavator Base Client Profile

8 Namespaces
    8.1 Namespace Metadata
    8.2 Handling of OPC UA Namespaces

Annex A (normative) OPC 40562-2 Namespace and mappings