The type definition table provides columns to specify the values for required Node Attributes for InstanceDeclarations. To provide information about additional Attributes, the format as shown in Table 6 is used.

Table 6 – <some>Type Attribute values for child nodes


<Attribute name> Attribute

BrowsePath is always relative to the TypeDefinition. Multiple elements are defined as separate rows of a nested table

The values of attributes are converted to text by adapting the reversible JSON encoding rules defined in OPC 10000-6.

If the JSON encoding of a value is a JSON string or a JSON number then that value is entered in the value field. Double quotes are not included.

If the DataType includes a NamespaceIndex (QualifiedNames, NodeIds or ExpandedNodeIds) then the notation used for BrowseNames is used.

If the value is an Enumeration the name of the enumeration value is entered.

If the value is a Structure then a sequence of name and value pairs is entered. Each pair is followed by a newline. The name is followed by a colon. The names are the names of the fields in the DataTypeDefinition.

If the value is an array of non-structures then a sequence of values is entered where each value is followed by a newline.

If the value is an array of Structures or a Structure with fields that are arrays or with nested Structures then the complete JSON array or JSON object is entered.

There can be multiple columns to define more than one Attribute.