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The UtilityChangePrognosisType is the estimated point in time at which a utility needs to be refilled or changed. Utilities are for example coolants, filters or scrap material storages.

The UtilityChangePrognosisType is formally defined in Table 66.

Table 66 – UtilityChangePrognosisType Definition

Attribute Value        
BrowseName UtilityChangePrognosisType        
IsAbstract False        
References Node Class BrowseName DataType TypeDefinition Other
Subtype of the PrognosisType defined in 8.6.4 i.e. inheriting the InstanceDeclarations of that Node.          
0:HasComponent Variable UtilityName 0:String 0:BaseDataVariableType M, RO

UtilityName provides an identifier of the utility to be changed inside the machine tool. This variable can for example be used by human personnel to prepare the right material for the utility change.

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