Using information provided by the Machine Tools interface, an overview if the machine tool is in production or not should be possible. Additionally, if the machine tool is in an erroneous state, it needs to be evident over the interface.

If the machine tool is not in production, the reason for this state should also be identifiable.

The information of the machine tool and controller state can be found in the information model in the MonitoringComponent (defined by the MonitoringType) of the MachineToolType. Other nodes that provide important information for an overview if the production is running are the override values of NC channels and working units in the ChannelMonitoringTypeand the WorkingUnitMonitoringType.

Another indication of the machine tool status is the machine stacklight. Its representation in the Machine Tools information model can be found in the StacklightType.

The errors and warnings on the machine tool shall be available on the Machine Tools interface with the OPC UA mechanism described in OPC UA Part 9 – Alarms and Conditions.