OPC 10031-4: ISA-95-4 Job Control

Released 1.00 (Replaced by 2.00)


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1 Scope 2 Normative References 3 Terms, abbreviated terms, and conventions 3.1 Overview 3.2 OPC UA for ISA-95 Terms 3.2.1 Job Order Receiver 3.2.2 Job Response Provider 3.2.3 Job Response Receiver 3.3 Abbreviated terms 3.4 Conventions used in this document 3.4.1 Conventions for Node descriptions Node definitions Additional References Additional sub-components Additional Attribute values 3.4.2 NodeIds and BrowseNames NodeIds BrowseNames 3.4.3 Common Attributes General Objects Variables VariableTypes Methods 4 ISA-95 Overview 4.1 Overview 4.2 Job Order 4.3 Job Order Information Model 4.4 Job Response 5 Modelling Approach of ISA-95 6 ISA-95 Data Representation Model 6.1 General 6.2 ObjectTypes 6.2.1 ISA95JobOrderReceiverObjectType Overview ReceiveJobOrder Method 6.2.2 ISA95JobResponseProviderObjectType Overview RequestJobResponse Method 6.2.3 ISA95JobResponseReceiverObjectType Overview ReceiveJobResponse Method 6.3 DataTypes 6.3.1 ISA95EquipmentDataType 6.3.2 ISA95JobOrderDataType 6.3.3 ISA95JobResponseDataType 6.3.4 ISA95MaterialDataType 6.3.5 ISA95PersonnelDataType 6.3.6 ISA95PhysicalAssetDataType 6.3.7 ISA95PropertyDataType 6.3.8 ISA95ParameterDataType 6.3.9 ISA95ReturnEnum 6.3.10 ISA95WorkMasterDataType 6.3.11 ISA95JobOrderCommandEnum 6.3.12 ISA95JobOrderStateEnum 7 Profiles and Conformance Units 7.1 Conformance Units 7.2 Profiles 7.2.1 Profile list 7.2.2 Server Facets Overview ISA-95 Job Control Base Server Profile ISA-95 Job Order Receiver Server Profile ISA-95 Job Response Provider Server Profile ISA-95 Job Response Receiver Server Profile 7.2.3 Client Facets Overview ISA-95 Job Control Base Client Profile ISA-95 Job Order Receiver Client Profile ISA-95 Job Response Provider Client Profile ISA-95 Job Response Receiver Client Profile 8 Namespaces 8.1 Namespace Metadata 8.2 Handling of OPC UA Namespaces Annex A (normative):ISA95 Job Control Namespace and mappings A.1 Namespace and identifiers for ISA95 Information Model Annex B OPC UA Method result Codes B.1 Method Result Codes (Informative) B.2 Job Order Method Return Status Codes Annex C (Informative):Example Job Orders C.1 Simple Job Order C.2 Job Order with Packaging Master Data