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B2MML Core Component Type OPC UA    
Type Name Type Model Type
AmountType Data type CDTAmountDecimal DataType
BinaryObjectType Data type CDTBinaryObject DataType
CodeType Data type CDTCode DataType
DateTimeType Data type CDTDateTime DataType
IdentifierType Data type CDTIdentifier DataType
IndicatorType Data type CDTIndicator DataType
MeasureType Data type CDTMeasureDecimal DataType
    CDTMeasureDouble DataType
    CDTMeasureFloat DataType
    CDTMeasureInt64 DataType
    CDTMeasureInt32 DataType
NameType Data type CDTName DataType
NumericType Data type CDTNumberDecimal DataType
    CDTNumberDouble DataType
    CDTNumberFloat DataType
    CDTNumberInt64 DataType
    CDTNumberInt32 DataType
    CDTOrdinal DataType
    CDTPercentDouble DataType
    CDTPercentFloat DataType
    CDTRateDouble DataType
    CDTRateFloat DataType
    CDTRatioDouble DataType
    CDTRatioFloat DataType
    CDTRatioInt64 DataType
    CDTRatioInt32 DataType
    CDTValueDecimal DataType
    CDTValueDouble DataType
    CDTValueFloat DataType
    CDTValueInt64 DataType
    CDTValueInt32 DataType
QuantityType Data type CDTQuantityDecimal DataType
    CDTQuantityDouble DataType
    CDTQuantityFloat DataType
    CDTQuantityInt64 DataType
    CDTQuantityInt32 DataType
TextType Data type CDTText DataType
    CDTValueString DataType
    CDTDate DataType
    CDTTime DataType

Note: The conversion of measurement data from decimal to float or double can result in a loss of precision.

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