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The IOLinkPortEventType represents Events triggered by a concrete port of an IO-Link Master. It is formally defined in Table 48.

Table 50 – IOLinkPortEventType Definition

Attribute Value        
BrowseName IOLinkPortEventType        
IsAbstract True        
References Node Class BrowseName DataType TypeDefinition Modelling Rule
Subtype of IOLinkEventType          

The following rules for the inherited Properties apply.

  • The mandatory Property SourceNode shall be the NodeId of the Object of IOLinkPortType the event originates from.
  • The mandatory Property SourceName shall start with the string part of the BrowseName of the Object of IOLinkMasterType the IO-Link Port is connected to, followed by a “.” and the string part of the BrowseName of the Object of IOLinkPortType the Event originates from.
  • The mandatory Property Time shall be the time the Event occurred on the IO-Link Master.
  • The mandatory Property ReceiveTime shall be set to the time the OPC UA Server receives the event. In case the OPC UA Server runs on the IO-Link Master, this might be the same value as the value of Property Time.
  • The allowed IOLinkPortEvents are defined in IO-Link Addendum as port specific events. The EventCode ID shall be mapped to the IOLinkEventCode. In case of a vendor-specific EventCode ID the Message is vendor-specific. In case of all other EventCode IDs the descriptive text of IO-Link Addendum shall be used as Message for locale “en”. For EventCode IDs 0xFF21 to 0xFFFF no text is defined. For those, the following Message texts defined in Table 51 shall be used for locale “en”. Servers may provide translations for all Message texts in other languages.

Table 51 – Message texts for specific IOLinkEventCode values

IOLinkEventCode Message (for locale “en”)
0xFF21 New Device
0xFF22 Device not available – communication lost
0xFF23 Invalid backup – Data Storage identification mismatch
0xFF24 Invalid backup – Data Storage buffer overflow
0xFF25 Invalid backup – Data Storage parameter access denied
0xFF31 Event lost – incorrect Event signaling

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