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The IOLinkIODDDeviceType provides the structure that all ObjectTypes generated based on IODDs have to provide and is formally defined in Table 17.

Table 17 – IOLinkIODDDeviceType Definition

Attribute Value        
BrowseName IOLinkIODDDeviceType        
IsAbstract True        
References Node Class BrowseName DataType TypeDefinition Modelling Rule
Subtype of IOLinkDeviceType defined in 7.1.          
HasComponent Object 2:ParameterSet   BaseObjectType Mandatory
Organizes Object Specialist   FunctionalGroupType Mandatory
Organizes Object Maintenance   FunctionalGroupType Mandatory
Organizes Object Observer   FunctionalGroupType Mandatory
HasComponent Object IODDInformation   FolderType -
HasComponent Object DeviceVariants   FolderType -
HasComponent Object DeviceVariant   DeviceVariantType Mandatory
HasProperty Variable VendorURL String Property Mandatory
HasProperty Variable DeviceName LocalizedText Property Mandatory
HasProperty Variable VendorLogo Image Property Optional
HasComponent Object 2:DeviceTypeImage   FolderType Optional

The IOLinkIODDDeviceType ObjectType is an abstract type. Concrete subtypes are generated for concrete IODDs (see section 7.3 for details).

The mandatory Object ParameterSet is inherited from the supertype and overridden in order to add parameters defined in section 7.2.4.

The mandatory Object Specialist groups all menus of the SpecialistRoleMenuSet defined in an IODD.

The mandatory Object Maintenance groups all menus of the MaintenanceRoleMenuSet defined in an IODD.

The mandatory Object Observer groups all menus of the ObserverRoleMenuSet defined in an IODD.

The Object IODDInformation provides information about the IODD and is only provided on the ObjectType, not the instances of the ObjectType. Therefore, it does not have a ModellingRule. Its content is defined in 7.2.5.

The Object DeviceVariants provides information about the IO-Link Device variants supported by the ObjectType. It references all device variants (Objects of Type DeviceVariantType) with a HasComponent Reference. Device variants are defined by the subtypes of this ObjectType.

The mandatory Object DeviceVariant provides information about the currently used device variant on the instance.

The mandatory read-only Property VendorURL maps to the IODD DeviceIdentity/VendorURL element.

The mandatory read-only Property DeviceName maps to the IODD DeviceIdentity/DeviceName element. Localization should be considered. In IODD Specification Version 1.0.1 there is no IODD DeviceIdentity/DeviceName element defined. Instead of, the IODD DeviceVariant/ProductName element shall be used. Localization should be considered.

The optional read-only Property VendorLogo maps to the IODD DeviceIdentity/VendorLogo element, if the optional element is provided.

The optional Object DeviceTypeImage defined in OPC 10000-100 is overridden in order to reference Images of the DeviceVariant Object (see section 7.2.6).

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