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ApplyChanges is used to tell the Server to apply any security changes.

This Method should only be called if a previous call to a Method that changed the configuration returns applyChangesRequired=true (see 7.7.4).

If the Server Certificate has changed, Secure Channels using the old Certificate will eventually be interrupted. The only leeway the Server has is with the timing. In the best case, the Server can close the TransportConnections for the affected Endpoints and leave any Subscriptions intact. This should appear no different than a network interruption from the perspective of the Client. The Client should be prepared to deal with Certificate changes during its reconnect logic. In the worst case, a full shutdown which affects all connected Clients will be necessary. In the latter case, the Server shall advertise its intent to interrupt connections by setting the SecondsTillShutdown and ShutdownReason Properties in the ServerStatus Variable.

If the Secure Channel being used to call this Method will be affected by the Certificate change then the Server shall introduce a delay long enough to allow the caller to receive a reply.

This Method requires an encrypted channel and that the Client provide credentials with administrative rights on the Server.



Method Result Codes (defined in Call Service)

Result Code Description
Bad_UserAccessDenied The current user does not have the rights required.

Table 42 specifies the AddressSpace representation for the ApplyChanges Method.

Table 42 – ApplyChanges Method AddressSpace Definition

Attribute Value
BrowseName ApplyChanges

|References|NodeClass|BrowseName |DataType|TypeDefinition|ModellingRule| |—|—|—|—|—|—|

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