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Use Case Audit Trail  
Description A central Audit Trail system logs audit events from FDT based tools. All auditable actions in the FDT tool produce OPC UA Audit Events and the central Audit Trail system subscribes for OPC UA Audit Events from the tool.  
Used by    
Preconditions Audit Events are supported by the OPC UA Server  
Post conditions Configuration changes are logged in the central Audit Trail.  
Actors Administrator for central Audit Trail system, Engineer, Expert  
Trigger Whenever device configuration actions must be logged in an audit trail  
  Step Action
  1 Define configuration changes that create an audit event in the OPC UA Server and FDT Frame
  2 Activate Audit Events in the OPC UA Server
  3 Configure central Audit Trail system to subscribe for audit events from the FDT OPC UA Server
  4 Log configuration changes in the central Audit Trail system
  5 View Audit Trail through a tool that comes with the central Audit Trail system
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