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The FdtProtocolType and its sub-types are used to specify a communication protocol that is supported by a Device or Network. The BrowseName of each instance of a ProtocolType shall define the Communication Profile (see OPC UA for Devices 6.3).

OPC UA for FDT uses a sub-type FdtProtocolType (see 7.7) for mapping the needed information.

OPC FDT      
Attribute Interface Method Data member Description
BrowseName IDtmInformation <>GetSupported-Types DeviceTypeInfo.BusCategories[].protocolName  
DisplayName IDtmInformation <>GetSupported-Types DeviceTypeInfo.BusCategories[].protocolName  
BusCategory IDtmInformation <>GetSupported-Types DeviceTypeInfo.BusCategories[].protocolId The protocolId is formatted as string with upper case letters.

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