The Cached-Loading option with a self-contained Software Packageand concrete definition of the version information can be too restrictive for some devices. E.g., if new software should be installed. For this use case the FileSystem based Loadingprovides an open structure of files and directories where a Clientcan read and write. These files could be e.g., configuration, setup files or recipes. Note: The FileSystemexposed in the address space may not be congruent with the actual file system of the device.

The purpose of the directories and files is not part of this specification. It needs to be known by the Clientand the Server. Other companion specifications could add this definition for specific types of devices. If accessed by a Software Update Client,the FileSystemroot can be used to store and install the files.

For FileSystem based Loadingthe FileSystemLoadingTypeis used, which is described in 8.4.6.