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TransferToDevice initiates the transfer of offline configured data (Parameters) to the physical device. This Method has no input arguments. Which Parameters are transferred is based on Server-internal knowledge.

The Server shall ensure integrity of the data before starting the transfer. Once the transfer has been started successfully, the Method returns immediately with InitTransferStatus = 0. Any status information regarding the transfer itself has to be collected using the FetchTransferResultData Method.

The Server will reset any cached value for Nodes in the online instance representing Parameters affected by the transfer. That way the cache will be re-populated from the Device next time they are requested.

The signature of this Method is specified below. Table 45 and Table 46 specify the arguments and AddressSpace representation, respectively.



[out] Int32                TransferID,
[out] Int32                InitTransferStatus);

Table 45 – TransferToDevice Method arguments

Argument Description
TransferID Transfer Identifier. This ID has to be used when calling FetchTransferResultData.
InitTransferStatus Specifies if the transfer has been initiated.
0 – OK
-1 – E_NotLocked – the Device is not locked by the calling Client
-2 – E_NotOnline – the Device is not online / cannot be accessed

Table 46 – TransferToDevice Method AddressSpace definition

Attribute Value
BrowseName TransferToDevice
References NodeClass BrowseName DataType TypeDefinition ModellingRule
HasProperty Variable OutputArguments Argument[] PropertyType Mandatory

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