DeviceHealthEnumeration TOC Next Specification

The fields of the DeviceHealthEnumeration DataType are defined in the following table:

Name Value Description
NORMAL 0 This device functions normally.
FAILURE 1 Malfunction of the device or any of its peripherals.
CHECK_FUNCTION 2 Functional checks are currently performed.
OFF_SPEC 3 The device is currently working outside of its specified range or that internal diagnoses indicate deviations from measured or set values.
MAINTENANCE_REQUIRED 4 This element is working, but a maintenance operation is required.

The representation of the DeviceHealthEnumeration DataType in the address space is shown in the following table:

Name Attribute
NodeId ns=1;i=6244
BrowseName DeviceHealthEnumeration
IsAbstract False
SubtypeOf Enumeration

The references from the DeviceHealthEnumeration DataType Node are shown in the following table:

Reference NodeClass BrowseName DataType TypeDefinition ModellingRule
HasProperty Variable EnumStrings LocalizedText[] PropertyType Mandatory