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The SoftwareVersionType identifies a concrete version of a software. It is used by the CachedLoadingType (8.4.5) and the DirectLoadingType (8.4.4) to store the version information.

The Description Attribute on the instances of the SoftwareVersionType should be used to provide additional information about the concrete version of the software to the user (e.g. change notes).

The SoftwareVersionType is illustrated in Figure 46 and formally defined in Table 73.

readme_files/image048.png Figure 46 – SoftwareVersionType

Table 73 – SoftwareVersionType definition

Attribute Value
BrowseName SoftwareVersionType
IsAbstract False

Subtype of the BaseObjectType defined in OPC 10000-5

References NodeClass BrowseName DataType TypeDefinition ModellingRule
HasProperty Variable Manufacturer LocalizedText PropertyType Mandatory
HasProperty Variable ManufacturerUri String PropertyType Mandatory
HasProperty Variable SoftwareRevision String PropertyType Mandatory
HasProperty Variable PatchIdentifiers String[] PropertyType Optional
HasProperty Variable ReleaseDate DateTime PropertyType Optional
HasProperty Variable ChangeLogReference String PropertyType Optional
HasProperty Variable Hash ByteString PropertyType Optional
Conformance Units          
DI SU Software Update   Manufacturer ToC

The read only Manufacturer Property provides the name of the company that created the software.

In case of the Pending Version this shall be empty if there is no pending software to install. ManufacturerUri ToC

The read only ManufacturerUri Property provides a unique identifier for the manufacturer of the software.

In case of the Pending Version this shall be empty if there is no pending software to install. SoftwareRevision ToC

The read only SoftwareRevision Property defines the version of the software. The format and semantics of the string is vendor-specific. SemanticVersionString (a sub-type of String defined in OPC 10000-5) may be used when using the Semantic Versioning format.

In case of the Pending Version this shall be empty if there is no pending software to install. PatchIdentifiers ToC

The read only PatchIdentifiers Property identifies the list of patches that are applied to a software version. The format and semantics of the strings are vendor-specific. The order of the strings shall not be relevant. ReleaseDate ToC

The read only ReleaseDate Property defines the date when the software is released. If the version information is about patches, this should be the date of the latest patch. It is additional information for the user. ChangeLogReference ToC

The read only ChangeLogReference Property may optionally provide a URL to a web site with detailed information about the particular version of the software (change notes). In case of a patched software, the web site should also inform about the patches. Hash ToC

The optional read only Hash Property may be read by a Client to get the hash of a previously transferred Software Package. The hash value needs to be calculated by the Server with the SHA-256 algorithm. It can be used to verify if the transferred package matches the one at the Client.

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