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Table 103 defines the StatusCodes defined for Alarm & Conditions.

Table 103 – Alarm & Condition result codes

Symbolic Id Description
Bad_ConditionAlreadyEnabled The addressed Condition is already enabled.
Bad_ConditionAlreadyDisabled The addressed Condition is already disabled.
Bad_ConditionAlreadyShelved The Alarm is already in a shelved state.
Bad_ConditionBranchAlreadyAcked The EventId does not refer to a state that needs acknowledgement.
Bad_ConditionBranchAlreadyConfirmed The EventId does not refer to a state that needs confirmation.
Bad_ConditionNotShelved The Alarm is not in the requested shelved state.
Bad_DialogNotActive The DialogConditionType instance is not in Active state.
Bad_DialogResponseInvalid The selected option is not a valid index in the ResponseOptionSet array.
Bad_EventIdUnknown The specified EventId is not known to the Server.
Bad_RefreshInProgress A ConditionRefresh operation is already in progress.
Bad_ShelvingTimeOutOfRange The provided Shelving time is outside the range allowed by the Server for Shelving

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